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Dutch veteran composer, performer, media artist and educator Jan-Bas Bollen (aka BAZR) grew up in an inspiring musical environment of professional instrumentalists and singers. He went on to study violin at soloist level at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and later composition at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, attended Sonology and from then on attracted attention with a versatile working practice.

He writes for soloists, ensembles and dance productions, often with spectacular live electronics and original, modernist visuals. At the same time, his kaleidoscopic musical world fuses sophisticated compositional forms, techniques and ideas from the modernist idiom with minimal influences, experimental electronics and the rousing sound worlds of R&B, Metal, Techno & Drum&Bass, among others. He is also an accomplished bass guitarist and tours worldwide with his magical performance instrument HyperTheremin.

PHOTOS (right-click to download)

Jan-Bas Bollen large_photo by E. de Clercq
JB on HT large_photo by E. de Clercq
JB HT DESSAU 2022_1_photo by A.Isadora
JB HT DESSAU 2022_2_resized photo by A.Isadora
JB GreenScreen 260221 photo by JBBollen
JB down time photo by A.Isadora

FORMAL CV (right-click to download)

JBBollen CV 220723 EN