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Welcome to my site!

I am an Amsterdam-based composer, performer and audiovisual artist. I create real-time multisensory landscapes that challenge the boundaries of sound, moving image and movement, fusing intricate compositions with immersive visual experiences that urge audiences to engage in their dynamic relationships. Each piece is a journey where technology and artistry collide, revealing deep connections between the tangible and the abstract.

Embracing the transient nature of live performance, my work advocates for the power of interdisciplinary collaboration and pushes the limits of what is considered art today. Central to my practice is an exploration of the complex human relationship with technology. By integrating advanced tools with creative expression, I strive to craft experiences that are not only aesthetically compelling but also socially relevant.

My projects often delve into themes of identity, communication, and the human experience, encouraging audiences to question their perceptions and expand their understanding of the world around them. I am particularly interested in how technology shapes our interactions, emotions, and sense of self. Through this blend of sound, vision, and movement, I aim to create a space where art becomes a catalyst for dialogue and discovery, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of contemporary art.

PHOTOS (right-click to download)

Jan-Bas Bollen large_photo by E. de Clercq
JB on HT large_photo by E. de Clercq
JB HT DESSAU 2022_1_photo by A.Isadora
JB HT DESSAU 2022_2_resized photo by A.Isadora
JB GreenScreen 260221 photo by JBBollen
JB down time photo by A.Isadora

FORMAL CV (right-click to download)

JBBollen CV 220723 EN